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is now a well established fact that female circumcision is as
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Rub all well together and apply once a day to the ulcerous parts.
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of the general practitioner. Special emphasis is laid upon the rela
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the study of gross pathology by the weekly lectures and demonstra
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the action of T. A. and old tuberculin which proves
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apply some soothing wash to the irritated parts. For injury from poison
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South Baltimore Eye Ear Nose and Throat Charity Hospital
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As children of our Alma Mater let us assemble round
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devoted to lectures. Eleven hours each week for one semester.
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apartments as in filthy and ill aired stables railroad cars or ship holds.
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the general system and when the blood is thick and dark sometimes
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Laboratory. Seven hours each week for six weeks. This course
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similar opportunities of familiarizing themselves with methods of
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Sisters of Mercy connected with the Hospital service received
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taken into consideration by the Faculty as well as the results of
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The Chemical Laboratory is under the supervision of Dr. Simon
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course will consist of demonstrations of the common diseases of
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followed by others as necessary. This will subdue him. If he kicks a
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sulphur and powdered sassafras of each an equal quantity.
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G. Carroll Lockard M.D Associate Professor of Pediatrics
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annually to which graduates of this school are eligible.
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dynamics of muscle and nerve studies in circulation and respiration
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flamed part very frequently with the following lotion as cool as it can
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published under the auspices of the General Alumni Association.

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