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Gideon Timberlake M.D Professor of Genito Urinary Diseases
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toms and signs of grave septic infection a less severe
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Dean before the candidate can be admitted to final examination.
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stood twenty four hours into the joint from seven to ten days
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effect. Alteratives diaphoretics febrifuges refrigerants and tonics
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Dispensary instruction in pediatrics is given to small groups
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This course begins with the study of the general principles of opera
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arsenic in the stomach of a case of suspected poisoning.
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capable of ovulating and forming corpora lutea after adult
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Essential Insufficiency of the Heart in Childhood.
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as the pain and mental shock are worse for the heart than
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him to go to Berlin for further study and where he was a
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logical Society the Neurological Society Alumni Asso
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This course includes the study of general organic chemistry with
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and the fundamental principles of mammalian embryology. In
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patient has not been taken in hand till the disease has become chronic
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Sisters of Mercy and connected with the College of Physicians and
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action. He shows some sign of oriental blood to which he probably

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