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by the original Committee of Eight or by the present

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der containing about 50 per cent of mercury that is

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thus left alone with his son to him the flavor of life

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principal tests and methods given. An illustration and

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the different varieties of aphasia occurring during

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ago and there has been no return whatever of the fluid.

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as it is extracted thereby regulating the necessary pres

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sufficient. He has never had salivation from the use

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the fact that it is bathed with the discharges from the

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Dr. Truzzi who has never seen any contusion or lac

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not only a prophylactic against the formation of stone

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sensitive to strong light loud noises etc. and from 1879

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after due deliberation appointed able committees to

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As the sexual organs are dependent upon the genera

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Society held on November loth attention was called to

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such anatomical examination is insufficient fully to

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nerve and the unstriped muscular fibre of the iris and

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up to the requirements of the above article of the Code

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after the operation drained by a drainage tube until

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ical officers in the preparation of the said pharmaco

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ent success or failure which necessitated its final aban

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malarial gangrene it is advantageous to operate only

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it left the farm on which it was produced. The main

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state of the public health is and has not ceased to be

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from the roll of membership on account of irregular

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