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Dr. Goodell thought the danger from the escape into

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aneurisms of apparently spontaneous origin which pul

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and then could not set it. In the morning a doctor o

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necessity for post mortems and deplored the tendency

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exertion. The vagina was dilated by a tumor the size

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as the germs oi polypan s still show development of

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which extends but a little way up and down the cord

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and other circumstances that were noted. The sphyg

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tain and the coloring of the illustrations is ahead of

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maintained for several hours before any toxic symp

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they are accustomed to perform. It is to be noticed

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ositions in the affirmative in reference to tuberculosis.

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Epidermis Thickened 95 Hsematuria in Retention of Urine etc 480

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all respects as practical as possible but to do this a Pro

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But the public is not alone in confusing the profes

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medicine independently of any school or any master.

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sauropsida and covers also the hairs and glands. Its

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happen and that when they do occur the detention is

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fested in condition of abundant and fetid transpiration

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spreads afterwards on the extensor surfaces of the limb.

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alleged to have used the foul brush an irregular ad

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suddenly illuminate the scientific world as instanced

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by a mad dog a fortnight ago and has now been a week

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of the bowel the patient complaining of severe pain in

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scarlet fever there being no persistent renal lesion such

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which discolors the solution and renders faint traces

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it is of no use for if you inspect the external wound

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angles to the leg. The cavity left after the removal of

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latter there were some bronchitis and broncho pneu

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during the course of the meal. The objection as re

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been said he felt like a junior student and he did not

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its value in controlling uterine hemorrhage bears a

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tations in different subjects and in different epi

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vate pupil the office of Dr. Eli Ives of New Haven

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per anterior part shows some cobweb like opacities.

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