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j status of surgical progress in the United States and

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scissors the attachment to the lower jaw and to the floor

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bercles. See explanation of these formations in the

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time during the whole of his illness. The temperature

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spindle celled sarcoma with little intercellular sub

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By that time paralysis had entirely disappeared the

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total excision of the ankle joint he had observed the

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States which could under any possible circumstances

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him a hypodermatic injection of one third of a grain

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the first stage of labor resulting from this method the

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this she did well for two days when she breathed with

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Mustard was a typical peripheral nerve irritant and it

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At this dressing the drainage tube was much shortened.

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into a malignant growth either by operation or spon

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ly written by a single hand or that have corrections

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the results. In the main there was a general agree

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a. Postal sac developed in uterine portion of right tube.

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fessor Brouardel was deputed by the French Minister

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moval of hairs increased the growth of others. In one

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ditions favorable to the absorption of the exudate.

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operating and handling of the parts will require fewer

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artery after birth is closely analogous to that seen in the

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general condition where the obstacle exists near the

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make a special endeavor to observe more closely and

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paralysis is rarely fatal and lasts in most cases only a

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fat ointments. But if the difficulty should be on ac

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nerve of the affected side was stretched. The opera

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