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or four. No one man can conduct a preliminary exam
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therapeutic effect and the production of a sufficient
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The.scrofulous habit and consequently also phthisis
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point considering that it absorbs quite a per cent of
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After briefly referring to the success attending gyne
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cyanosis or other evidence of carbonic acid poison
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and impairs future productiveness. It is not however
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symptoms are very similar to those of disease of the
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cal cases classified under the head of nervous dis
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two thicknesses with an interspace of three quarters
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room for uncertainty let it be specified distinctly
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that he knows of are yet published of what the per
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to you the following notes of a case that but lately ter
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son. The small amount of electricity passed through
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have just stated. Before the opening of the exhibi
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tumor was slit up at the place where it had first been
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absent. It was a case of imperfect or arrested devel
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of the adductor magnus muscle to the bone and is con
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and facial arteries tied in the wound before division
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posed of a bundle of very fine silver threads which
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manifested themselves in the case to which I refer. I am
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caring for her first and only child. I gave the most
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tantamount to a request for a thorough sanitary in
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Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of re
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as clear of the cord as possible and directing the cur
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paid to the general health of the patient and all mat
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were one fourth by three fourths of an inch. Three
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in its forms but identical in its basis always and in
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iodine Churchill s tincture of iodine solid nitrate of
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she first take heed not to have intercourse with
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son operates on the human system in so covert a man
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equal 55 the deaths in the month 86 the difference
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inflammable the composition of the ground water and
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but 10 of these were grave cases and 5 per cent were
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ful application of antipyrin in four and five per cent
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one he having been able to collect but twelve cases.
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ani rearranging the two veterinary schools of Turin I
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praf ticable. This is the case in occlusions of the os
bactrim 40 mg-200mg 5ml dosis
tual attendant in days when sessions were held in the
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pus discharging ulcers due to phlegmonous inflamma

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