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Banner Solutions

Make a BIG impression with our display advertising banners. This exclusive feature on our B2B portal helps get your companies the best promotion and visibility. Now you can advertise all your products and services through eye-catching ad banner.

Bespoke web banners with the professional look and finish can deliver on the expectations you have of them. The size of the ad banner is defined in pixels (width x height).





(Page) Banner Type

Total Pages as on



Size (in Pixel)  
1 (Homepage) Slideshow Banner 1 586x252
2 (Homepage) Leaderboard Banner 1 728x90
3 (Homepage) Full Banner (2 nos) 1 468x60
4 (Homepage) Rectangle Banner 1 180x150
5 (Category / Sub-Category) Medium Rectangle Banner 63,000 180x150
6 (Company Page) Square Banner 15 Lakh + 250x250
7 (Search Page) Medium Rectangle Banner NA 300x250

* Up to 10 banners can be displayed in Rotation


These web banners can include text, pictures and company logos. Through display advertising campaign, you can highlight your businesses on each and every page of the B2B portal and earn a long list of world-wide clients.


This Ad banner has several advantages over advertising on other Medias, including:


· Improved visibility and Best Promotion online

· Can track performance of a campaign on daily basis

· Build huge list of globally spread clients

· Help measure clicks and queries to calculate your ROI.


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