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ated at Bay View. The subject of gross pathology is also taught
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Dispensary instruction daily at the University Hospital. Drs.
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done before a section of the class small enough to see clearly what
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depends on the constitution of the individual mind and budy
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dress he gives some deductions from his researches which
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ulty satisfactory evidence of good moral character and of inability
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creases a faint glow appears and finally it becomes
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could be properly treated or operated upon. The local men
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important aid to the course is the projection microscope which is
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shall confine myself mostly to the hospitals and operations and
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toxylin and eosin gave the picture of hyperplasia of the
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surface of the body and in regions directly accessible to
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ment of Pharmacy of the University of Maryland and now occupies
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For purposes of instruction in this most important branch the
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below the twist or junction of the thighs well down to the hocks.
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anatomical lesions with clinical symptoms and signs.
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There is a separate building devoted to the out patient depart

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