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way dependent upon the scientific character of the body

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vagina with mild vaginismus in which frequent local

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respectively reside. The officers of said Board sh.ill he a Presi

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of intense pain. It was found that atresia of the cervix

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the vessel two compartments or spaces to be used ex

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tion. Internally fifteen grains daily are sufficient

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infiltration about the uriniferous tubules and vessels

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these parts in fourteen or fifteen cases of this group

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nancy and the puerperal state also induce the dispo

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month was in January 1885 1 19 the smallest in August

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through the stools and urine one or two hours after

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mated in my previous articles that so called herpes

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been looked for. And in answer to a member Dr. Ross

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tances may be made at the risk of the publishers by forwarding

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but a single root and is especially useful in those

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recognized to be the liver transposed and dislocated

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many others of lessextended importance. But what ques

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manner the weight of the head and upper extremities

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which would not be the case if the eye disc did not

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questioning he denied having been exposed to draughts

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ment to be followed especially in respect of food and

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of croton chloral. Of his twenty one cases four were

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attention to the local treatment of pulmonary cavi

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M.D. and an able corps of assistants or collaborators

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ovary having extended to the sacral plexus of nerves.

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copious draughts of hot water and that the apparatus

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to the malady we should make further investigation

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affection that it is never found in any other condition

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if the healing process were complete but it can hardly

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virulence and prevalence were about equally observed

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cases the asthenic form of disease showed itself a de

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also poultices of goldcup and other substances of a

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the passage of the contents of the duodenum into the

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the persistence of total suspension of accommodation.

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three days when acute peritonitis supervened and the

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regular in her menstruation the flow lasting from four

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without sacrifice of either rigidity or durability the

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fact that he does not see or know the parties who use

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the uterus are swollen by which distension the uterus

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technical ground than is generally accredited to the

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fore modified his views. A detailed account of the nine

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ably owing to better methods of wound treatment and

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vulvar opening is usually small perhaps so small that

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carried on in accordance with the most recent views on

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