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nitis caseosa. The mother survived the children for
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crisis the temperature in the right hypochondriac re
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same species of micrococci with those in the zoogleic
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fresh supply of kephir or if not needed for immedi
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October 16 1885 the following officers were elected for
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strong in his support of the bill giving these facts as
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generally be a sufficiently long time for its application.
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may be of interest to discuss at some future time. At
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gave the summary of symptoms in a case of daily in
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their probable relation with uraemia holds that in old
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during or shortly after convalescence and does this
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it is that they are intended to conserve the health
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the urine. The capillaries of all the organs are more
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storing the usefulness of the limb and that in simi
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being unwilling to go to a hospital either insist on
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the first train and Dr. Baxter was elected Secretary
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came to results entirely different from those of Koch
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terpine. Terpine is a derivative of turpentine it is the
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these growths give the sole indication for the opera
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patient suffered from asthma for a year but there had
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lective investigation will effect a revolution in medicine.
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Secretary of State all matters affecting the public
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Five minutes elapsed and one eighth of a grain of the
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male child in the third post mortem stage or putre
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oughly shaken up and the temperature has risen sev
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was looked after with all the zeal of a young mother
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so that the Professor of English at the University of
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loosely applied that the hand could be easily passed
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cardiac cycle presystolic accentuation which termi
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amount of urine excreted is from thirty five to forty
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ing and possible danger to life and that he must be
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trocar should be heated preparatory and subsequent to
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nished evidence that he had shot at a mark and done
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to crowd the surrounding tissues in the direction of the
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sufficient power to keep the head in position to cause
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fifteen grains every three or lour hours. In children
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ature one is vertical one is circular and one is hor
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that the common results in ovariotomy are not trace
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purposes of this Academy concerns us as professional
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put forth have not as yet stood the test of time so
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