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the faecal matters. For this condition there seems to

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diacetic acid in the urine. V. Jaksch therefore pro

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spayed cow for more than a year and finds it to be a

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sire believed so strongly in work that he had a con

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water stir well and the tent will soon be filled with a

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think that immigrants from infected districts should be

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pharmacy. This part treats of prescriptions and the

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thick. The pelvis was filled with a large oxalate of lime

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If there is a like increasing ratio among the same class

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toms are repeated again and again like in a malarial

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of air might be aspirated but there are practical ob

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to say to male auditors that which he would be ashamed

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obligate himself to receive no person under his care

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cerned this seems to confirm the old belief that mus

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every person affected with smallpox who declines to go

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representatives of the faith cure and of total absti

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with regard to the propriety of operative measures

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doubly so during the night for it protects the patient

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tion. In the third and fourth stages I am decidedly

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well as the changes that may occur in them when af

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has confirmed the results obtained by Welch in rab

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true indications for. its performance have been more

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puberty and if it entails harm the root of the evil must

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of the ear of the rabbit is followed by death in a few

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from different ova. I am speaking now of conceptions

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four and one half inches long weight of tumor twelve

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records just described we are placed in possession of

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tary of the State Board of Health of Indiana read a

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examinations of tuberculous tissues for bacilli with

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the mortality cases of suppurative hi disease treated

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in old age the resistance of the connective tissue is

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ameter of the object circle and agrees with the size

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