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J. Mason Hundley M.D Professor of Clinical Gynecology

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philosopher the divine the physician and the statesman.

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of the penis may indicate the urethra hypospodias the open

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danger it might be repeated as often as necessary for

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be empowered to remove for institutional care and training

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bit by injecting a potato culture of Staphylococcus

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J The patella or small bone covering the stifle joint the joint of

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jroad and roomy and the bag well developed. The lower part of the

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be duly considered. The above classes of patients and

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and condensed form as being at the same time simple and efficacious.

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of pulmonary tuberculosis if the presence of tubercle bacilli

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clears were found in another the sugar reaction was

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instruments of prevention notification inspection segregation

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cases it might be necessary to make more. In an exten

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criminal and civil prosecution medical evidence and testimony

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of the bacillus not over twenty four hours old on a

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he had never seen a case with valvular involvement and

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stall. Let two assistants place a cloth underneath the bag and raise it

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modation of the thirty clinical assistants and a nurses building

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The feeding of horses must be either simple or complex according to

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rapidly growing demands upon it. However it was not until

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doctors who had done so much to boost their State and wholly

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to be followed with small doses of nux alternated with hydras

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geles the result of an automobile accident. Dr. Kurpiers was

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The senior class will be divided into three parts each section spend

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All examinations must be successfully passed before the pupil

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owing more to the peculiarities of different animals than to any difference

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In our last issue we stated that Prof. EUingwood would

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A oorreet diagnosis will determine the proper treatment

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fodder. These if good are perfect food that is fed together or hay

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of great value. His colleagues on the staff feel that

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