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this is a diminution in the calibre of the arteries

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passing the catheter especially if the outgrowth is

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has in my opinion quite fulfilled the expectations he

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diameter is about three to five centimetres. The skin

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the treatment was so effectual that it was able to play

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been reported with two others by Bigelow in which a

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of the Officers of the Association and of the several

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the latter and the catheter. I have not used this form

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tide of professional opinion will soon turn in its favor.

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is hereditary and that their members die promptly of

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loptosis through a violent motion or traumatic cause

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ciete de Biologie tells us that in consequence of the

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without said false membrane or a total synechia pos

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latter case they would be original having nothing to do

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full of interesting clinical details that it would be dif

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not only practically at the bedside but systematic

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all cured by faradization. Nearly two years have now

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and such hospitals shall be supplied with proper beds

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testing in the resence of minute traces of egg albu

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the profession asked which is the most powerful anti

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added in equal quantities after it had cooled but no

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the Pathological Society of Philadelphia discussed the

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verted into a rigid canal. Under those circumstances

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country will take an honorable part m the labors for

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the Territories and District of Columbia. The first

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elevation. I have frequently stated that we often meet

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ity is used all the vessels are filled without produc

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results in the treatment of port wine marks where a

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the United States according to the Census of 1880 one

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of the quantity of organic matter in the atmosphere

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which had come under his notice was made by Calmet

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the disease from minute solid growths to large sup

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Dr. Longaker inquired as to the prevention of slip

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sustained by reference to letters cases and instruments.

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ment in the system of distribution of railroad milk.

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Irwin Fairfax Passed Assistant Surgeon relieved from duty

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was recently invited to a laparatomy in Prof. Bill

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contact of the necessary instruments used in the opera

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Thus we have the evidences first of irritation and then

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ation as the cases needing it were few such as penile

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foot in good condition the heel somewhat flattened and

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Department of Texas to New York City for duty as Recorder of

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by an electrologist that this in reality afforded no pro

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diseases. Although cholera has periodically visited

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of the chest gave negative results the only peculiar

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nor distinctly pyjemic that although having some of

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rhcea. This operation consists in dividing the posterior

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If he sees a patient early enough this enables him to

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tain aniline dyes more readily than do the surround

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docervicitis retroflexion retroversion ovaritis peri

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charter of sleeping cars on this train at gioo each

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The Editor of this Journal would be glad to receive any items of

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place to another then to some State in the Union which

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eruption of varicella manifested itself and continued

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