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Bill J. H Major and Surgeon granted leave of absence for

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which can be verified by the members of the Society

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superficies of the mucous membrane of the intestines

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If such disastrous consequences could not be averted

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if found he begins a systematic course of treatment

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tested the right but it was finally settled bythe registra

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when a woman has an abdominal tumor he favors open

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Strong Norton Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Relieved

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one of its milder forms. He is twenty eight years of

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no sound principle on which the State should be called

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fat ointments. But if the difficulty should be on ac

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poison and the operation was performed as a last resort.

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observed any hereditary disposition to convulsions and

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scribed and superficial it seems useful and little dan

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one tenth part by weight of the body. In the adult

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from chronic disease but such persons are less likely

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worked on of self absorbed in his desire

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makes it the duty of the U. S. District Attorney to

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exploration of the bone a second incision on a line

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All communications relating to the editorial department of the

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the line of its development from more benign sources

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ington should be rescinded and arrangements made to

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strictures but I have never yet seen hsemorrhage or

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as to disseminate throughout the inhabited partsof the

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thigh. She attributed the attack to an unusual exertion.

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member finally progressing to complete paraplegia and

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alkaline stone for in these patients the chemical con

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motion allowed in the joint. Crutches are then sup

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pas.sage of air. In the opening of communication be

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sewers to receive and discharge the entire sewerage of

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The result was strikingly visible in the great blackness

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