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of uterine inversion an inverted uterus suffers more
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diseased. In his first ovariotomy performed in 1879
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low fever or other infectious disease into the Missis
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patients a bacillus with spores which they have been
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the whole profession. Had I not regarded those which
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isolation with a corroding influence of a most disastrous
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sociation as observations of some interest and he was
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tables of Culbertson setting aside uncertain cases
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very efficient but the remedy which he prefers to all
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Koch s parasite and others to a variety of causes.
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does not therefore go to the root of the evil. Still
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case shown of a pancreas from a diabetic patient with
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c. In the blood of phthisical patients collected with
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teriorly. March 5 th her chest was free from rales and
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The voice still has something of the nasal quality
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vites disease especially of the contagious epidemic
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of serious inflammation in my practice and the results
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trine without our being able to define precisely the
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and continued to be well for nine and one half years
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alike except that cocaine docs not stimulate the mus
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this interesting case. As stated in the paper when the
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or lectures which are met with in medical periodicals.
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President of the Medico Chirurgical Faculty for the
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the letters. We were surprised to learn from the Secre
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diseases are different that the hog cholera known in
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pital which position he held at the time of his death.
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month of gestation itching and an eruption of numer
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to lord it over them. They may be presumptuous enough
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tistics would suggest such a response as appropriate.
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of a grain of sulphate of strychnia hypodermically.
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the animal that had received both poisons was dead
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interests through the New Orleans Auxiliary Sanitary
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hip. But as it is one upon which surgical opinion is
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walls of the left ventricle being thin and infiltrated
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posits or smoothed by attrition showing that the fracture
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require the Consular Agent at that port to employ a
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of Ethics as well as the constitution and by laws is
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is placed a rubber band in order to hold the instrument
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is referred to under this head of a young woman suf
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of the mass ligation of the pedicle careful sponging
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article was copied into a number of leading journals
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dicate an hydronephrosis. A confirmation of the diag
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the former an average duration of forty days for the
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has by thickening and attrition lost much of its vul
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hand he wished to say that never did city make such

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