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determined. He hoped that it would come to light at

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treated the case as best he could without resorting to

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vent the early reporting to the Board of Health on the

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family consisted of father mother and seven children.

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ovaries and was compelled to abandon the operation

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contact with the skin by combination with the lime

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reacted and the next morning was in a fair condition.

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nish their report for publication as apart of the Trans

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Dr. A. Braullt De I Origine Non bacterienne de Car

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and statistics. Dr. Hunt of New Jersey reviewed the

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two reasons were given for this apparent condition

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if the law is to be interpreted by the University as re

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even briefly the anatomy of the parts discussed and

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the course shows that the termination in suppuration

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particularly in reference to this that I am glad to

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crementual and nutritive to the uterus itself and made

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to the extent of one and a half inches especially when

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b. That in cavities in which an attempt to establish

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bones were lost and therefore not examined for micro

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active agency in the development of influences which

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more than the average of England less than half that

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being as dense and hard as bone from anv part of the

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after the inoculation the dog was killed. The tumor

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gelatine is spread out on a large plate of glas over

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ally strong and apparently healthy and the paralysis is

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then washed with distilled water the fluid mixed with

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day and night is greatest in summer it increases as

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are increased and a fever with rigors most violent in

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such a source will prove a more weighty argument to

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the astragalus that is there had not been a reproduc

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tion of the arch of the aorta enclosing a large fibrin

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I had seen it last eighteen days before. The fundus

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which a change in social relations effects the most satis

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of the soft parts and encourage the natural circula

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jnunications in regard to editorial work should be addressed to the Editor.

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attracted to his heart by the very marked throbbing of

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observations which led him to admit the unity of an

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occasion for writing it is what strikes one as being so

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State at the same time the person so registering shall exhibit

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anatomical accuracy it may be said of it that it has the support

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confirmed him in the belief that miliary tuberculosis

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the operation had nothing whatever to do with the fatal

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retiring from practice when they were students read

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graphs that the public health of that place is doubtful

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of this building was S250 ocx and as only 200 000 were

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ferior portion of the nares and in Dr. Baker s ap 1

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successful in some cases by the use of the cold douche

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stimulants but react with great energy after a full meal.

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ing the stronger solutions and by frequent instilla

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were enormously distended and the last was attacked

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powerful with the fewest disadvantages. If experience

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belief that suppuration of the hip joint if the cases

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irritation in the throat has set in is a laryngeal ex

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practised by Klikovich merely giving the gases when

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yesterday so it is now three days and a half since he

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It however reopened in October and again discharged

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sufficient knowledge of Latin to order medicines. Per

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inserted in a perforated covered vessel and carried into

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ovary were found to be entirely disorganized and de

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presence of mineral coloring matter is rendered im

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investigations and to pay actual expenses the demand

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mentioned its advantages the chief of which is that

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gineering and disinfection became the fashion of mul

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