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of some future life or heaven after we have left the
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aside. Questions relating to this gratification are
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is laid open and its inmost recesses explored for intes
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there is no chance whatever of an escape from death.
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were his words. Indeed he held that no one in lectur
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that he had used nitric acid making the application in
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ing sleep. The food should be selected with reference
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remarkable case of osteomyelitis which had come under
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instance miliary tuberculosis of the pleural cavities.
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ing a temperature at the beginning of 76 F. In order
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on raised platforms. The ventilation of the room is
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Toward the end of the first month the new tissue was
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disease. The lungs were of a dark gray or brown color
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I acide pyroligneu. rectifie dans le traitement de la teigne
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perature and furnish direct heat to the bodies of the
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tive means of determining. If these few cases are at
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Annates de Dermatologie et de Syphiligraphie his ex
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