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of above that the lacerations often occurred from the

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What is the explanation of this It means that the flexed

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to miliary tubercles but I think after careful obser

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the temperature was lower than that at which men will

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Adherent and contracted prepuce have been thought by

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lous processes maybe found in animals with only very

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ating and responsible to no one has not hitherto been

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his whole body vibrates from the force of his heart

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It is difficult to make a splint bear evenly around

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election of office but it was summarily rejected the

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plied to the eye are perfectly bland painless and non

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cere appreciation of the efforts being made in connec

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This of course is done under the direction of the sani

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with all these I have made careful and repeated expe

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three hours later I was telephoned in great alarm and

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it before the patient has to resort to the habitual use

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dry s paralysis and the diagnosis can often be deter

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thrax spores developed freely in a one tenth per cent

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gitis or bronchitis. The use of the term catarrh which

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and his sufferings were almost entirely relieved. On

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Dr. Charles E. Caldwell has been elected Lecturer on

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and ordinary vaginitis is suggested for consideration.

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ery of the patient. In view of these statistics it is

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word from the temporary ofificers elected by the new

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tral Board. There has certainly been some house to

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ancesthetick should be givn to relax the mu.scle as

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practice of medicine requiring physicians to procure

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list of delegates to represent the Medical Association

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part of the fundamental regulations of the organiza

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of the fingers might indicate either weakness of the ex

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disease appeared in the four following cases in periods

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the disease of which he died. He was fortunate also

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of this fact was brought about in the treatment of a

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and Secretary of the London Congress and the articles

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and surgeon and secured from the first a veryexten

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E.xcepting slight loss of acuity of vision in the injured

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if the patient s strength will allow. Avoid chlorate of

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the fine buildings they occupy and their freedom from

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In making this correction Dr. Hingston observed that

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other on the epigastrium. Owing to the difficulty that

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