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cumscribed in the thorax than in other parts of the
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on it. On this a mattress was fitted with a cavity to
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best be shown by search for the bacillus tuberculosis.
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the child is imbecile. In these cases there has probably
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of lithates in the urine when the liver is actively
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tained. Yet there has not been a death or a case even
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easy that any one may see it for himself. It is a proof
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Dr. Seguin and in a number which he himself had col
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toms of this case are possible he had shown if any one
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cysts are especially prone. The patient made a good
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and one quarter inches wide and a little less than one
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follows Scrotal hernia is where the intestine passes
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Even the slightest constriction left remaining may be
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thol being uncertain the demand great and the price
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had pleased him most on account of the thoroughness
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I am especially glad to hear the last remarks of Dr.
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with a dressing saturated with a mixture of bismuth and
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and certainly the statistics of Dr. Hamilton cited to
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nitric acid. Any precipitate produced by boiling is
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Dr. Kiernan stated he had no doubt that this theory
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and then the current ceasing the fragments will re
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he had eaten could not be ascertained. He ate his usual
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labors of a very extensive private practice made his
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and propulsion of the foetus into the uterine cavity was
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The oleate of tin already alluded to is prepared by
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operation gives the better promise of success but in
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the use of a corrosive solution i 8000 two or three
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struction of surrounding tissues and that the activity of
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lacerated cervix and for the crushing of stone in the
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having absented himself several days during the ex
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anatomy. This state of things had lasted a long time
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the inverted tubes stand set up fermentation and thus
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also Gaskell and Ransom have come to the conclusion
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substances. In this connection may also be mentioned the following
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natural mind was greatly pleased with relief from pain
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made the nerves isolated and stretched in each direc
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instances obtained unquestionably good results in both
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Permit me to refer to one or two other questions in
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A. Edwards says in THE MEDICAL News for November That
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schools have been established with full staffs of profes
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may think objectionable and to call attention to the inconsis
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were no lepers before and where it is not known that
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seated infiltration of the throat or other parts and in
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gards the affection as a myopathy and its immediate
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finally causing vesication especially upon the mucous
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the action of the cautery only by the hissing sound
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very particular. So in relation to inoculations with
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can afford to trade at a loss or do business without
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caused by pressure upon the capillaries transmitted
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frequently one or both ureters are involved resulting
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Reso. ved that we hereby bear cordial testimony to the unvarying
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gence of local events of general medical interest or of matters
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nose and throat or of headache nausea and diarrhoea.
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practice are often of a nature to render them menial
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resorted to this device on more than one occasion. He
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harmless incurables and their return to the care of

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