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this subject. In the literature of the subject he finds

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and perhaps surpassing in its effects as a febrifuge

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almost entirely inefficient as a germicide in his ex

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cently appointed to fill a vacancy and the Secretary

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may affect either the whole heart or a limited portion

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left of the upper and which one is the plainer etc.

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with from 8 to 10 ounces or exceptionally with 13 2

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end of a week the bowels w ere moved the stitches re

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was an inspiration to him in all his best endeavors

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neuralgia. In two such cases he had thought the opera

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visitors and its work quite creditable. It presented

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who can call back at times their early experience in

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window a wire fly trap containing about a dozen flies another

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illustrative of some people s estimate of the action of

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is low and the skin is blue and mottled but there is no

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easily accomplished on the left side by grasping the

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cease to copy the old diagram made by Charcot as it

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contained in the said pharmacopoeia shall be free for

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and if a delegate the title of the institution from

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died before the birth of the child and the mother was a

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to be eliminated by the kidney as urea and so might

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tivated in bouillons prepared after Pasteur s method

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officers of the New Orleans meeting had committed a

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that the evils overbalance the advantages of an active

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Relation of Cleanliness to the Prevention of Puerperal

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nationsof the Mediterranean have suffered as examples

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Mr. Symington and the author furnish strong proof of

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indistinguishable from those of chorea and this was

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colorless corpuscles but of their relation to the red

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had on the whole expressed sound views. The litera

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