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for this State for the present at least that question
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made after careful inquiry into the facts to see that
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and spasm of the right side of the body which left him
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they should refuse recognition to those which have not
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and I think worthy of trial although success can be
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leges we are at once impressed with the relative paucity
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operator was prompt in action fertile in expedient
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about half full of the suspected urine and a citric
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end of a week the bowels w ere moved the stitches re
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thought the trouble would only be aggravated by such
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ferred briefly to the explanations which had been sug
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vantages in order to properly estimate their relative
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Dr. Sands replied that the operation did not consist
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minister to the ailing with the consent and approba
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one from the profession of America and not from any
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When not in use it can be folded up so as to occupy
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said foreign societies to designate suitable parties to
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it and this she ought to be told before her consent
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pustules and small blebs will sometimes be encountered.
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powerful antipyretic than antipyrin but he asks the
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boldness of some of its definitions those for instance of
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quarter of all the morphine obtained from a ten per
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form the nucleus of a museum in connection with the
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a. grooved director that has first been bent on itself
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ment in the results of the work thus far. One of the
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can be obtained. Further he thought that if by con
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haps of all was the case of a female patient at
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sponded with that which is said to characterize fibro
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diphtheria derived from a series of aggravated throat
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fying influence upon the climate of different local
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raiser would not run the risk of losing young cattle
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that the trichinosis was only caused by eating pigs
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sponding and statistical secretary the appointment of a
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disappearance of the pulsations is preceded by a va
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tion and death among the wealthiest and the highest.
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thesia in the same manner as you treat other hyperemic
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ance nor could he as yet see any positive evidence of
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is said about compulsory vaccination. Isolation is ad
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well marked case of poliomyelitis anterior acuta is not
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persevere also in the use of the poultices and hip baths
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he first visited his patient and that it contained in
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December 17 she was attacked with a slight diarrhoea
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is brought into play which enables it to resist and
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When this fluid was rejected by the bowel there was
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perature until the fifth day when the first convulsion
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ease. At a future meeting he will give a detailed ac
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what is the generic name for elocon cream
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the hernial formation which will enable the observer
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shall forfeit its corporate powers and upon complaint
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in a normal lung. He says distinctly in his original
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have been most satisfactory far more so than when the
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the immediate vicinity of the wound or operation but
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by a long series of physicians of all countries from
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suggested to the patient to undergo a trephining opera
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becomes convalescent and he is ordered change of air
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the study of diseases of the eye and now quite indis
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observers of diseases in different parts of the State
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that it was necessary to separate him from the other
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fragments he exhibited a specimen of bony union after
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remain or the part from a week to a fortnight until
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instance the paralysis has been on the right side. He
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we come nearer and inquire what proof there is that
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