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the cavity was carefully bored with a pair of forceps
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tion the result of irradiation from the central disease.
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Christ Rome was visited by such a plague that at its
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thirty six years not a single clearly authenticated
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or accident and to give a helping hand to the distressed
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Morris Edward R. to be Assistant Surgeon with rank of
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power to enforce our plan rests with the doctors of
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avocation and perhaps going to a doctor s office in the
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process and to omit his second perpendicular to it.
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time being a condition of course unfavorable to cure.
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out at the examination the perfection of the mechanical
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i Hospital as a private patient and there operated
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and the physician assumes all the responsibility for
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C. Shattuck on the above subject and as a whole can
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the spleen is an organ which is not indispensable to
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drainage care of contagious diseases disinfection food and
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of reports statistics and other works on the science
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of complaint as it leaves no central responsibility for
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anaesthesia is established. The patient experiences
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saries in the city where she could gain admittance
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a mass as large as two fists. He finally died from cere
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and in the higher walks of life the ratio of precocious
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some to be connected with the altered condition of the
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formed without them that if amputation be done with
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In such cases the tumor did not decrease in size while
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in Somerville for selling a vinegar as a pure cidej
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and had the good fortune to readily seize both feet.
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ing. She is ordered to continue the tonics and stim
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present in some normal secretions saliva and urine.
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five years record seven cases of gonorrhceal bubo in
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James Assistant Sanitary Superintendent of the Board
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cation is presumptive evidence of i rofessional abili
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knowledged responsibility recognized by their associa
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j the disease without being influenced by any precon
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allow of more than twenty or thirty degrees flexion.
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the same session publicly break the seal of the en
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cations of the exanthemata should be carefully watched
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nent manner I trust that you will give the required in
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the irritation. It will be no especial advantage to
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the use of spirits. He was prematurely gray looking
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hood. He had always thought that there was not much
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he once succeeded with innocuous substances in pro
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i Hospital as a private patient and there operated
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may be regarded as offering a field for valuable study.
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Dr. Stillman prefaced his lecture by describing the
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practices transmitted through generations of people
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has failed to act after being in use for some time.
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quite probable that the present members of that body
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fever prevention by inoculation. In a session of the
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pointed to extend the invitation. Who appointed him.
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the general health with micturition every five or six
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The sulphuric acid in the filtrate from the sulphur
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of cardiac syncope following chloroform inhalations.
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ing tendency towards choleraic disorders is an inter
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drawn up the clamp applied so as to control it com
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dered under such appalling circumstances as was his
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certain exciting causes of which alcohol is the most
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needle had passed immediately above the right auric
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Bolz Hans. Beitrage zur Gasuistik der Nephrectomie. In
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appearance of the fever 2 the slight participation of
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to the c hild. Or because the puerpera has a stone in
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The proposition may then be made that harmful prop
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the eyes are constantly used for near objects neces
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may affect either the whole heart or a limited portion

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