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years has been in practice with his father. His oldest
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fel of Erlangen erected the necessary apparatus for
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cumstances and with the patient s consent it is wholly
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appearance as the first. The clotting extended far into
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tee to the consumer as long as his label is undisturb
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of these glands with itching and burning in vulva and an irritat
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spect to the memory of the late Dr. Calvin Ellis for
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cubic feet of space. The baggage is then carefully put
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infection by the digestive tract. Revue de Therapeu
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which he gives the following useful indications for
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attention. In beginning the treatment these children
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the number 1630 of deaths which occurred during the
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f Figure 4 is necessary to illustrate. Let A C be the
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ing in regard to penalties nor do the By laws of the
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pervading they are we shall never rest with the idea
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cussion for papers once in the Transactions are securely
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He found in the vomit of a tabetic with severe gastric
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ing condition when he was placed under the external
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mel or jalap from sixty to ninety grains of benzoate
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tention. The fistula discharged a clear mucous fluid
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companying the operation are often at first alarming
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that the day is not distant when in the capital of each
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Sec. 1 4 provides that the persons licensed under the
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has been preceded by fracture of the patella the two
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as for rendering their degrees nugatory than to make
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of operative interference. But if I should to day be
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an alterative a cicatricial and above all an antiseptic
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this is not always necessary to secure a remarkable de
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of dilated bloodvessels in the face less satisfactory
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made up with boracic acid. He observed that he found
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ture of all countries for the year i8Sx prepared with
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about fifteen minutes. The tumor weighed 465ograms.
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order to be safe he perforce buys all the milk on a
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theritic infiltration which is usually of light pearl gray
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tions of oleate of mercury thermo cautery belladonna
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originates in diseased teeth as there was affection of
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system and as a rule it is an old standing trouble.
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ult.. after an active professional life of nearly forty
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of the edge of the shield or any loss of adhesion would
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increased. If the salt is applied suspended in water a
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quickly fatal these patients are not usually confined
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mated it for the auricleof a dog at 19.6 mm mercury.
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sufficiently tested for us to welcome it as a very de
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rents cause absorption while strong ones destroy. His
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prising in the fact that the same species of bacillus
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of these qualities. The father after long suffering
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upon the case than had been obtained at the operation.
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femoris are intact when atrophy does not exist and when
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livery but this must increase the cost to the consu
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complete. In a specimen which he had here to night
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pants are in full view of passers by. The latrines are
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given with the hope of causing contraction of the uterus.
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zero Fahrenheit. Their food is almost wholly animal
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the urine with the aid of outside pressure on the ab
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fully with Dr. Davis s letter or with the other documents
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point of attack for diseases of acclimatization. To in
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Its reaction is that of the alkaloids in general. The
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epithelial cells are entirely absent or very rare though
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when he felt the drowsiness or headache coming on a
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the bile is demonstrated in both forms of fever and is

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