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to the posterior urethra as there it can readily ex
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about ethical matters well the subjects of legitimate
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Bache Dallas Major and Surgeon leave of absence still further
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maul in which a diphtheria of the umbilical cord in
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contracted kidney it is not uncommon for all the symp
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several tables to illustrate the result of his experi
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plish much less than he did in truth it is granted to
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This is one of those invaluable aids to the student
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the bilateral incision to the posterior and that in the
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radius of the disk passing through it or what amounts
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standard. That there has been laxity in the past any
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culiar appearance the right ventricle being distended
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cal Society were at a loss to explain the occurrence of
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patient is afflicted with more violent pain we should
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even in small amounts. Alcohol precipitates the fer
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of quite recent date are also found thickly strewed
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tive use of the word it may be held to be directory
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arrangements as to the Atlantic Service. At present
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ment July 20 1885 suffering with wry neck. She gave
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ders it. So one generation inaugurates the artificial
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Revaccination vom Beginn der Impfung bis heute nach der
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cure it is preferable to all other operations and par
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country must at all times have a beneficial influence
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tremities with sudden loss of appetite increased fre
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they had formed without any inflammatory reaction or
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dences of arrest of nutrition and development in one
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ion it accounts for the eruption of herpes labialis
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so than that of the older cases there is e ery reason
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their food with appetite they both rapidly emaciated
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Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians Edin
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or six per cent solution sensibility disappears in a short
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hardt that it is due to the action of high temperature
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of the uterus such as slight hyperemia or leucorrhoea
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stetric writers have generally called puerperal septi
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cision another larger stone aftervvards removed rapid
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The contra indicatiorts of this method of treatment
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firms who have lately sujjremely honored your scribe
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the origin of which she attributed to a severe fright
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those who are not cleanly about their mouths often has
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much better than previous to the operation however
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ity of the same. It is usually entirely independent
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case in which a woman was delivered of a child at four
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ing tissues could not be isolated the ligatures must have
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In conclusion I will ask the profession what is the
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mann to conclude with Petit fils that both these clinical
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was noticeable in the experiment that in the animal
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find out the character of the man from whom he pro
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that cases occur in which albumen and casts are found
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catarrh on the contrary from the first an absence of
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tary law and as these substances cannot be permitted
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lapse this agent must also be administered with cau
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he buys and sells the milk he has two cents per can
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a mere allusion. The sufferings of one of my patients at
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diluted with an acid solution but does not even then
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subsidence of the acute symptoms which I rather confi
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the commencement of habitual catheterism isattended
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as one of its victims our worthy and esteemed fellow
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BtCKNELL George E. First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur
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are thrown into the ponds and streams which furnish
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the prescriber and placed upon the dispenser who is
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can find a crescent on one side of the optic disc ex
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is called railroad shock. Many of the symptoms which
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