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has been dilated by the larger instrument and under

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stertorous and somewhat explosive reflex irritability

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part played by the animal or human organism itself

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outbreak of diphtheria or scarlet fever where local

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our readers to the admirable and comprehensive paper

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given to check the bleeding. Later the patient returned

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formed by Mr. Burnett that after a trial of one year

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way hostile to the admission of women to our ranks

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an opinion should not be given until the exact diag

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and you cure your patient and do away with the dis

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ing both parietal lobules and the occipital lobe. Gowers

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that miliary tubercles do not belong necessarily to

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Eklund endeavors to demonstate the absolutism of his

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the presence of the Minister of Public Instruction the

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cales Beiges considers the difficulties in making a

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displacement of the peritoneum is to be attributed to

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as the truth is before the printer s ink was dry the

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tiary for from six months to one year for violation

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seem to be to endeavor to restrain the use of tobacco

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School of Harvard. It is stated that his course will be

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cess for dinner and at 3 o clock after having trans

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out allowing special compensation for his evidence as

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more efficient chemical action takes place the liquid

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whatever its faults had in it the elements of ultimate

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circumference at junction of middle and lower third

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with subsequent great dilatability of this membrane

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tion is the first necessity of exact science and the

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these occurred only a single case of phthisis and he

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siderable study to it and he had received the impres

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solubility in blood of one part in fifty at 37 C. 99

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on uterine pathology than this is now doing and will

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in all the tubercles and liquids secreted in miliary

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canal the pateint was given ten grains of quinine and a

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show a loss of 4234 per cent. while the nervous sys

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The effects of these braces could not be changed by

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to justify these precautionary measures. But the nurses

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the part of the sciatic nerves. Neuralgia of the crural

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can yield is regulated by the elasticity of the envel

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shall I say surprising shall I say sad. there are those

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One of these masters was seized during the night while

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the pus would frequently result in a permanent pleural

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should be a graduate of some respectable medical col

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sion and this can be done to a large degree by these

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their delivery he was clear simple logical and thor

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cavities in the apices of both lungs together with true

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garded as protective since it is admitted that it can

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Finally on June 20th I aspirated the cyst under anti

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doubt as to whether or not there was a fracture of the

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may be produced causing delivery of the head in a bad

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the side is easiest for then the midwife by introduc

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crease takes place in the yearly yield of a cow. As to

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I have diligently searched the literature of the sub

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