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examinations. All the written work is carefully scru
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able as I have already told you when I previously had
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definite action being taken. He considers that quar
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tain the roots of a plant which he indicated in order
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tirpation of the spleen has been successfully performd.
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matory products a statement antedated twenty years by Professor S. D.
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meeting in regard to the International Congress. The
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first who by a special process of coloring succeeded
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is entertained by a number of scientists and by a part
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according to which the bruit results from the sudden
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cough less troublesome and she sleeps well of nights.
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than exist at present. He spoke feelingly on the sub
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eral cooling does not benefit or relieve the distress of
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The accident was caused by the breaking of a carboy
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these are the main ones upon which you will be called
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kettle was placed in water. Of course this is due to
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up and educating a chronic class that always entails
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Collective Investigation of Disease 633 Fradulent Tartar Emetic 265
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pose of making local applications during the whole time
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Medical Society and that it require the district med
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palities the duty of sensible and thorough sewerage a
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tion. In the past five years 378 men have registered in
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were present but a short time in the case of Mr. B.
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fever follow the passage of a catheter or an operation
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With the one half per cent solution it is for atropine
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fects therein and be competent to suggest remedies to
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AH efforts made to relieve his condition being with
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fissures in the bone below the line of ossification. In
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The laws of trade ought to regulate this matter but
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periments which he had performed after removal of the
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enter than it had K the exclusion of the followers of
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grammes of lactate of iron to the bottle is useful.
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men was subsequently opened and a fibro cystic tumor
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This condition was extreme at base of first frontal
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his future course and began his medical studies. In
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is interesting as raising questions in physiology which
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mature reproduction arrests the growth of the body and
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never to us seemed reasonable to fear injury to the
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eration which resulted in a greatly increased freedom
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Note. The concluding chapter will he furnished at once. It refers only
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me that it would be of interest to take the tempera
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ment and have been entirely satisfied with its action.
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are nearly blocked up nearly usele.ss in the scrofulous r
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Immediately after the operation hypodermatic injec
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lump from which the pain seemed to proceed. Vaginal
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indistinguishable from those of chorea and this was
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Irritation by the motion of the ribs is unavoidable.
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comprehension of the relations of the parts in discus
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disinfected before being washed at Sainte Marthe but
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satisfactory results. Judging by analogy the author
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it of doubtful service. The great depression it produces
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is large but he was happy to say the birth rate is simply
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the requirements set forth by their respective proprie
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in that State gives the more important features of the
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of filth and poverty in the slums of cities where it
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subject. The general prevalence of typhoid fever in
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lar and that failures to induce tuberculosis with tu
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ist of the death of such person and shall deliver the
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