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weighed their opinions in regard to dogmatic utterances

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hyperplasia of the walls of the latter he had ventured

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recently made in this department of biology. To meet

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region of the clavicle and at once saw that only the

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could not be taught at the lying in hospital as pa

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at all because the medical examiner has either failed

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water generally beyond its special value just mentioned

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structed of concrete in a framework of iron joists and

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the customers supplied with this milk all suffered and

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bolic acid is a destroyer of the bacilli and at the

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per cent of the population and that it has now been

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was a case of supravaginal hysterectomy in which the

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operation. His plan in the cases referred to by Dr.

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in what may be called a normal condition the air pass

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years ago in the case of a woman who had a deep seated

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of withstanding the action of the tissue fluids long

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before voting on any question after the meeting has

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parts were cleansed with weak carbolic lotion the in

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and from which something had been irregularly torn

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mal. The vagina was divided by a partition wall into

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or a daily average of I9 gt f. The total deaths from all

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galvanic current was applied by means of a sharp steel

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Mr. Symington and the author furnish strong proof of

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to exercise all the important manipulations in bacter

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treated often complain the most. In the matter of fees

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rounding skin with a carbolic acid or bichloride of

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next forenoon it is delivered to the distributers who

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ment of Bright s disease but no improvement resulted.

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