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Pajot opened his new course under the most favorable

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mucous membrane and fibrous tissue only partially so

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malaria and chronic valvulitis are considered amongst

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lus he ignored the specific reaction of the soil and

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so called displacement. But in the great majority of

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The following brief notes of three successful cases of

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the patient is under treatment direct catheterization

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ment of the cerebral symptoms this difficulty has been

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before the first fit. The reader of the paper then re

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a ruptured spleen. The vessels entering the hilus were

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readily excluded. The history of the case was against

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tion to a plan for raising a medical aid fund to be

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chloride of iron with digitalis and at once there was

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harmony upon this subject and for the reorganization

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Having referred to the liberal gifts of Mr. Carnegie and

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but instead of the ergotine an equivalent quantity of

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call to the attention of the profession. Letters written for publication or

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a half. Once relieved of the typhoid fever there re

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been but little studied and may prove of special value.

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Are lives Medicates Beiges relates the curious his

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the menstrual period it is sufficient to give rise to much

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of the earnest desire which is felt for the restoration of

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losing his balance and falling and when exhorted to

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versity of Maryland and in 1865 was transferred to that

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been observed by the physician who sent the patient

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Pacific slope where the Chinese element is numerous

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end of the year. Small g.s is this number the facts they

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have not in any way impaired its security and that it

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berculosis.has been practiced quite extensively and

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the age of puberty and from the symptonis given us in

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original and Dr. Craft s results had never before been

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said to have first appeared in Cathay thence spread

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plained merely of the inconvenience of the dressing.

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Dr. Priestly stood behind him on the bed and taking

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the artificial opening was able afterwards to pass his

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panied by the symptoms of pressure the diagnosis is

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deck of his ship soon after developed spinal symptoms

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