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The structure of the placenta is remarkable because

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the salivary glands and the genital organs of the adult

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The calculus was of the size and shape of a large egg

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Klebs think they have discovered a specific intermit

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sociation requires the treasurer to deposit all monies

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Craft as regards the comparative painfulness of the ap

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urates will likewise throw down a coagulum with this i

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Smith highly recommends the use of ergot and gives a

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the manufacture of a specially large instrument but

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catarrhal deafness associated with attacks of catarrhal

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lesions such as surgical kidney which used to be so

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bite was followed by very severe inflammation. A num

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White Robert H Captain and Assistant Surgeon to be relieved

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it before the patient has to resort to the habitual use

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was accomplished in his profession and availed him

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which were as follows Case I. Patient when seen had

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disease portraying the more important varieties of the

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counties of the State between legally ualified and registered

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subject to pulmonary diseases than those of the countrv.

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ported that it would be a waste of time to cite particular

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seems to be more intense on the Continent than with

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out of the stomach. It was learned that the patient

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needle he left a long loop before the reintroduction.

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and that the Secretary issue a list of such papers in

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of the publishers by forwarding in registered letters.

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I diagnosed a deep cervical laceration on the left side

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seen on the autopsy table to give rise to miliary tuber

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rassed by this fact and the result of the union was

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as to the identity of human and animal tuberculosis.

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i live habits of medium stature very obese weighing

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adults this is very dangerous although fortunately of

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tients who presented themselves at my clinic. Nearly

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in The Pro7 incial Medical Journal for the ist Septem

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and had then to take large doses of morphia. She also

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was not saved. This was followed by immediate relief

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post mortem was as follows The ascending and trans

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the lungs had occurred. It is worthy of remark that

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tubercle tissue as in miliary tubercle which rarely

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and complete paralysis of sensation and motion of legs.

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after herniotomy he would open the abdominal cavity

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recapitulated the most important points in the treatment

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Assistant Surgeon by the Secretary of the Treasury February

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indurated feeling over a space two inches in diameter

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there has not elapsed a sufficient length of time since

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the cyst had to be separated from the two layers of

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early as the reform movements of 1S4S gave xpression

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Dr. Robt. Tilley stated that he has treated catarrhal

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beyond the usual period the cause can often be found

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at no other time for more than a year. His voice was

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For this purpose cauterization of the pedicle is to be

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few days afterwards the cervix has generally the soft

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by eleven thousand members could not force the prin

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unilateral or in rare cases even partial i. e. where

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Strawbridge of Philadelphia C. H. Burnett of Phila

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the growth of the fine hairs whose growth was promoted

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of the child. And then those that present double are

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exists is subdued. If the rim of the cervix is wiry

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