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tained in the uterus for two months after its migra

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pear altogether. The kidneys have received a certain

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of cell disintegration can pass easily away. But in

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I per cent solution of ferric chloride are added. A

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are however irregular as to time rhythm and celerity.

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losis is at first a local disease and only become gen

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fever follow the passage of a catheter or an operation

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a noble art find their names published side by side with

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Medical Association but are there any a lt tf i there

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and 98. 6 the epigastric temperature was in the in

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pleased with the discussion they had elicited. He thought

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as well as in the total reproduction of the organ is iden

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After one gland has enlarged the opposite organ may

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swelling till it extended for squares in every direc

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they are read or quoted they existed in the libraries

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a patient run the risk of laparotomy it is necessary

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typhoid fever. Has a brother and sister living in good

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the bones described by Wegner. Dr. Lomer holds that

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and hypertrophy of the left side of the heart accen

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Eleven Years Illustrating the Several Varieties of the Disease.

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Kloppel Chrph. Beitrage zur Lehre v. de Poliomyelitis ante

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as we try to soothe pain when we can irrespective for

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as considered hyperosmic acid will be a therapeutic

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be a wife but to be a prostitute. So in ablation of

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up to a sitting posture vainly attempts to expel the

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after the placenta was withdrawn was in normal con

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with four other members of the family including the

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ipulation appears well adapted to avoid the danger. It

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post mortem was as follows The ascending and trans

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sistent and abundant epistaxis through the left nos

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tion to use all honorable endeavors to secure that the

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Baily JosF PH C Major and Surgeon. Granted leave of

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from these experiments that such and such an action

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jection of carbolic acid 10 to 40 percent solution

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drunk and was put in the lock up by the city authori

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toms of strangulation similar to those of the two pre

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powerful voluntary associations and convert what is

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drank some milk punch. His convalescence was inter

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tion would not lie as no person had any property in

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steps and also expire once for the same number. The

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section. The latter will of course always exist where

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bage dust and ashes from habitations and the sweep

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cerated surfaces of the peptone of digestion as well

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all the grades of syphilis the greater part were re

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much after this her temperature and pulse remaining

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the influence of an improved general condition will

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hibit is it not obvious to every discriminating mind

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of Vienna studied the topography of the twelfth rib

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tents of the latter and cheesy degenerated parts of the

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tion of this treatise in which physicians will be most

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walls of the left ventricle being thin and infiltrated

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states that Dr. Freire having failed to discover the spo

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could easily occupy the left and upper portion of the

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