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states that the sputum did not show bacilli in some
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urine where a discharge of blood follows the evacua
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and Pellacani who go so far as to contend that every
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plished and the continuation of the deformity over a
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excellent physician who after forty years practice
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infect articles of clothing etc. He thinks Squibb s
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at the central meeting bars for the admission of fresh
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paper on the subject named which is published in the Loitis ilU Medical
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puration of the cricoid cartilage has occurred. Archives
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But this one had thick walls and contained a turbid
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in every other State as effectively armed as by the fol
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the labia or sides of the pudenda so that the speculum
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likely to pass. This I could guide and thus would not
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great blessing as it enables us to a large extent to avoid
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The vagina should be protected by a glass or caout
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thought into effect and as I see by some very recent
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fees the smaller schools even with the self sacrifice of
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selling for such purposes the bodies of the persons so
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pain. The motions of the ankle were nearly perfect.
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thing on the influence of miliary tuberculosis of the
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being done as thoroughly as it is possible to do it. The
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of the upper extremities but persists through a longer
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There is one point which is worthy of consideration
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which clearly ascertained may enable us to place lim
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benefit but it is a serious injury to any growing per
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died but in only one was the disease developed dur
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pointed out very clearly in his remarks the manner in
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drink our food and its adulterations the clothing we
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wills and forces has resulted in a slow evolution only.
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promote circulation massage was ordered and a stimu
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usual. Dr. Sheard also gave the particulars of a case
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as a means of diagnosis preparatory to the ablation of
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isms including several species of bacilli especially
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signs of mental and physical debility which increase
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an action of attenuation in which the bacillus by prefer
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Grafe s cataract knife. Before doing so I carefully
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lesions often directly originated from simple chronic
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the ticking of a clock on the mantlepiece consisted of
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II7iereas During his long activity in New York City
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examinations satisfactorily as regards time place and
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enlivened with witty remarks pleasant anecdotes and
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that a specific microorganism is always present in the
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of the colorless cells as is noted in Dr. Osier s re
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the ticking of a clock on the mantlepiece consisted of
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while the products obtained by inoculation with in
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During the conversation he admitted that some other
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there subsequent troubles which could be attributed
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after the close of a war. Such observations have been
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them is a paradox and nevertheless is not less than
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contemplated the maintenance of an inspection station
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ahnost to a thrill is better described today as a lin
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the eyes experience a burning or stinging sensation.
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the action of the Council had at its fifth annual meet
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is thus a highway permeable both by ova and sperma
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with results identical with those obtained from studies
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that which was in use at the time when the sale was
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head preceding the fits and he had seen several simi
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and Surgeon shall have arrived in New York and entered upon

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