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dressing at the end of three or four weeks and apply

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is a matter which affects the health of our people.

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tions into practice as far as we know was Berard who

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pointed out very clearly in his remarks the manner in

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strangulated portion of intestine. It is unfair to speak

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operation his impression was that mortality is greater

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pear so that in a very short space of time after the

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physicians gave up the case as hopeless removed the

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mam where they are until the next compression of the

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mission to fellowship by the following provisions i.

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classes are placed in the same category but it is only

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prevented by a hinge at the junction of the scapula

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adhesions were being separated. The right ovary was

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at the back of the heel an abscess formed and opened

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special pleading which has characterized so much of

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scopic examination optic nerve is found to be atro

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which in the past decade has contributed so much to

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of this journal we referred to this subject more par

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ances than a slight degree of leptomeningitis and a

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check by the law in question and I feel sure it will

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leave of absence for one month with permission to apply for

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not a specialist in this department he had given con

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area of about 14 000 square feet. On the ground floor

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our wealthiest and most prominent citizens does to the

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In this connection he related the case of a patient who

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the limb was better than at any time previous to the

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pads could be so adjusted as not to interfere. But in

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Of the five cases in the second stage the first was

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lution No. I should be applied thoroughly in the groove

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deavored to avoid the introduction of theories which

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as are distinctly of that character. If inflammation

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and then the current ceasing the fragments will re

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cases operated for rupture of the internal carotid in

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by eleven thousand members could not force the prin

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This method of treatment has been followed by Prof.

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pair there might be a sloughing of the external coat yet

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room force that should have been spent in the manu

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following report of delegates and members in atten

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be cared for by her tender and affectionate mother

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in the study of the Greek and Latin authors by those

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Medical College 120 and at the College of Physicians

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media by which the bacilli are carried from one part

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cording to Filipporeitch the rank of trichloracetic acid

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as excluding from professional fellowship on the ground

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There are thousands yet living in Wisconsin in whose

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declaration of my distinguished colleague and personal

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ousting of the old Committee thought it better to do

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double catgut ligature and tied in two portions before

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character of the heartbeat and of the pulse makes it

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ly proved but the firm prosecuted testified that the

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learn of this request are respectfully asked to interest

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solution of corrosive sublimate to the water and also

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mydriasis by paralyzing the endings of the oculo motor

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ation over the region of the psoas muscle. History of

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lightly over the edges of an advancing inflammation.

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gradually grew worse. However he continued at work.

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