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duced in the mucous membrane of the larynx as readily

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necessity for absolute non intercourse has not been

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results when applied to the os uteri and to the cer

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process required two or three years. Since then it has

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attempted to ascertain for what hygienic reasons the

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seems to produce no injurious effects. Both ovaries

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e. After two or three seances expectoration becomes

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be born further advanced than the other or is it at all

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formed. The tumor was not pulsating at any part was

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accidentally divided air entered it and the patient

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limits of error of observation. Other parallel tests

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which form true cushions so as to sustain considera

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approval of the President for the protection of the health

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hand and foot were cool and the right thigh one half

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three shall serve in the first instance for three years three for

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forced to jump from bed. The greater part of the rest

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nual session at the Illinois Asylum for Feeble minded

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and surrounding cuticle giving the parts a beautiful

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open sea off the Finmark coEist or the hard.ships suf

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phia before the arrival of the first schooner load

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tity of water and allowing it to macerate for twenty

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on the adjacent portion of the hard palate which in

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It may be of interest to note that tubercle bacilli

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to life and thereby jeopardize a city full of people

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quantity of a icesthetic required. It is only necessary

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conferred and grief and sorrow a.s.suaged by this sum

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Assistes the urine of 142 healthy children from 6 to

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day and night is greatest in summer it increases as

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be found in a recent paper by P. Liebrecht of Liege

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the difference between the two figures which is very

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some writers. Muriate of pilocarpin and sulphide of

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syphilis he advised first the use of potassium iodide if

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condition we operate by the usual lateral method. I

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subject and the various cases some thirty in number

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his left leg got stronger and more developed his left

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but of delicate physical organization was for several

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the point of ligation probably to the first large branch

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but simply mention it to show that one must practice

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a rest in bed for a week the patient was allowed to

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cial square feet for every fifty such passengers and crew

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wound and covered over with a small quantity of soil an

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Dr. Hyde said that many of these cases with urethral

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conference and careful conclusion. This should have

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iaal studies in tuberculosis wilh those revealed by my

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blood had been lost. By aid of Dr. Warder a Wells s

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this curious affection. In the first a man 80 years

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The tabulated statements to which reference has been

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continued she began to make efforts to breathe. After

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in many cases left the patient after the initial vigor of

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or other suitable bed. This you can readily understand

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pricking sensation. Eight days after the appearance

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patient is afflicted with more violent pain we should

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that the law should remain on the statute books just

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to diuresis in the dropsy attending acute desquamative

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cilli in a cell. A flat cell in a condition of granular

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local expression of a general neurosis and to treat it ac

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urethra classifies the various forms of the affection as

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A Clinical Lecture Delivered at the University Hospital.

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channels than the intestinal tract are eliminated by the

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into the antrum. A slight discharge of pus followed

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vention we think it should not be resorted to unless

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sometimes even upon the difference of the structure in

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