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tion of Magendie s solution in the ear. The solution
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incurables might safely and with benefit be released
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spleen of typhoid fever patients. The bacillus of lep
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enden m.b. who is the lecturer on physiology in the
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sufficiently either to go to bed or to take any stimulants or
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bear the same relation to the classical drawings of
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be and generally is the direct consequence of a cer
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examination owing to the fact that the man had fur
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an autopsy on an infant which died three weeks old
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which he filled acceptably until he was at the request
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movements were violent and the cells were diseased
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into the Influence of Physical Causes upon the Moral
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either fibrous or cystic and the lining of the convo
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berculous material which is considered identical with
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well to put on record every authentic instance of the
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whether it should be to open the larynx and remove a
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tend going West are cordially invited to attend our
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the past two years in a number of cases with in the
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contains not only the extracts but a large amount of
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too great for Mrs. Saulsbury s feeble health and she
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hernia. They were all of comparatively recent date
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and a caustic preferable to phenic acid as the latter
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perform their natural functions or in other words she
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complete closure of the ductus venosus. Dr. Hartigan
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the superficial femoral artery and vein throughout and
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encircled the opening. The lower extremities formed
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and vaseline. It has been claimed that the oleic acid
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children employed in factories and workshops. These
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right recedes posteriorly. This rotation is probably
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for their special business equipped for their life work
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one or two drops of ferrichloride into Prussian blue.
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of the Secretary to publish the minutes of the New York
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naries of learning cooperated with the board very cheer
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cisions he increased the number of trocars to four
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creased attention given to the general education of
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operation consists in completely excising the cornea by
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result only that they consisted entirely of herbs. Little
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who during twenty four days was constantly affected
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by the contracting band in the width of the same in
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There was no impairment of vision of any other kind
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electricity in connection with the pelvic organs and not
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stages of evolution lactation was performed by both
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If muscarine produces cardiac diastolic arrest through
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may be a distasteful expression to many medical men
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and failure of the heart which he found. There was at
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origin of vaccinia and variola has been brought for
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piece of castile soap. The tendon reflexes are abolished
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arising in the midst of apparent health from such a
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of clay upon the abdomen or upon one of the thighs
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scure cases it is well to seek the counsel of a neurolo
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age all these have waited long and still wait a solu
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in the lung or whether it was due to a loss of substance
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instrument which he had modelled after that of Mr. Syme.
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been over estimated yet its beneficial effects in mal
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the whole body with a Gray Sloughy soar Throat this
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