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move his arms. Little by little he began to move his

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qualifications and merits of each candidate referring briefly to

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reality of the occurrence until he walked toward the

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ture may not be sufficiently high to destroy the corpus

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lar supply was deranged by reason of the contraction

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be carefully washed either with vinegar or with dilute

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process has evidently reached a dangerous point and

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this theory including the various recognized methods

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mittance is by bank check or postal money order drawn to the

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dition of an excess of acetic acid followed by warm

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two to eight days after the operation a miliary erup

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slightly retarded by exposure for upwards of sixteen

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pains in the uterus not each single and by itself but

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remittent fever typho malarial fever and rheumatism

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future. The rivalry to which we have referred is no

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the drift of professional opinion could make such an

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ported. Thie testicle was extirpated in 61 of these 18

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cuss it we must use such treatment as hastens suppur

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stetrics are of either Greek or Latin derivation it is

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pings of the tumor through the vagina. Mild peritonitis

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their day except perhaps the last whose book is the

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being impossible to carry out at his home a systematic

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growth did not extend into the antrum it had eroded its

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when subjected to transfusion even though from dogs


to be amaurosis and incurable. In order to solve the

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siological accomplishment of their principal functions

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injury of the brain. As in the case of Dr. Wetherle

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Heizmann Charles L. Captain and Assistant Surgeon leave of

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any one has received and paid for these numbers who

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ate Department of this institution opened its second

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wound could not be accurately closed when one pedicle

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Spinal Cord of Men exposed to the Action of a largely

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us not forget that learning by heart the action of medi

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the Rebellion in consequence of the repeated drafts

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statistics or extent of stretching that nerves will bear

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use strong injections to destroy the poisonous mat

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curred coincident with the occurrence of uterine con

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seven or eight minims of a four per cent solution pro

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abdominal section. This was performed at two o clock

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tion and death among the wealthiest and the highest.

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to the consumers if it were possible but now it must

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patella had been completely ruptured close to its in

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the blood pressure due to irritation of the vasomotor

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apparent possession of full powers and faculties. Noth

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sist of a certificate by the proper officer of some

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to consider the general condition of the patient the

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they consider as significant for diagnosis and as con

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emergency the explanatory declaration of the Associa

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with a cold surface of the skin a blueness of the lips

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designated for that purpose were Trier and C. Lange

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sedative of great value to the profession is rapidly acca

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