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to attend the International Health Exhibition to be
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Dr. Starkey has seen good results follow the use ot
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The operation which is generally known as Battey s
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the development of other concretions. The ether was
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active agency in the development of influences which
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subject describing two cases. An apprentice in a house
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fecal odor at the end of twenty four hours. A copper
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ford to cripple its usefulness by antagonizing the well
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by the Secretary of said Society the Judicial Council
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to apply the term pachysalpingitis. In connection with
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a great tendency to become chronic and cause complete
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course larger and more complete. It now requires four
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ating and responsible to no one has not hitherto been
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the morbific material gains access to the human sys
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therefore of every physician in the State is needed
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valuable contributions to medical literature will be found
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tuary chapel. Thelatterbuilding is also a small dome
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teristic discharge there is a state of extreme sensitive
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to practical work in the laboratories and hospitals.
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control its own matriculation examination and should
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which suffer direct injury and from which inflammation
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as to support the fracture anteriorly the other steadied
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is divided may be treated separately or both may be
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scription of all southern climes and we unhesitatingly
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ance of their lives while this class located in large
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jequirity is used. The late theory relative to the trans
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any festivities solemnities and such like. We would
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while the other has grown. This accident happens very
ing on the behavior of iron within the animal system.
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activity. He also thought in view of the fact that cavi
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common tests by nitric acid and heat are said to lack
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only in the direction of making it stronger. It is.
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this very point which it is important to impart to a
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changes and not to any specific action of the drug on
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chronic kind. He considers its use in puerperal cases
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is as essential to health as pure food and drink. When
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ment of the disease will consist in his ability to apply
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Meditsina m which similar toxic symptoms occurred the
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that he had attended sewing women suffering with lead
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interest in the prosperity of the American Medical Asso
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into the bladder. If the beak is elevated too soon it
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deal of patience in its preparation. A half a glassful
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gists of the first century Archigines and Leonides
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stitution and by laws and in the light of the actual
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parently uninfluenced by habits of life geological for

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