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intestine had passed out of the abdominal cavity and

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time after the nitro glycerine has ceased to be given.

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him that the posterior cord of the brachial plexus had

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vertical section the body of the second lumbar vertebra

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tumor as to render what might have been a simple and

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provided for their exhibition during the meeting of

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enters the middle ear and equilibrium of pressure is

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main constituents of the milk but in elements diffi

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severe pain is thereby produced. The sitting should

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I N. Y. and in 1847 o New Jersey by English cattle

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average annual loss in France is computed at 5 000 000

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thor s deductions from them are given in a series of

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outcome of surgical operations is a thing of the past.

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The drainage is very poor and is confined principally

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regular profession is refused either from a false sense

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has been fully and ably dealt with in some few works

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the head and also of some soreness of the e.xtremi

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of the neoplastic tissue or there is but little absorp

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passengers to the United States there shall be prop

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ulcers on the shoulder and in the axilla constantly

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gotten that every one who employs coverings of cotton

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den rise of intracranial hydrostatic pressure caused

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least possible cost. We trust it will be a well sus

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can teach for in certain points his experience supple

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ber of the small schools will die of starvation for it is

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time could then he given which will be necessary if the

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frequently operated most successfully in very severe

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finally subjected to further treatment by hot baths and

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Albuminuria is not a constant symptom but to day it is

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easy and limitless duplication and so easy of adjust

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cate it there is no agitation and no hypersesthesia

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upon the surface but also deep down in the follicle.

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results when applied to the os uteri and to the cer

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and it is surprising how frequently the condition is un

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The first question propounded was discussed in brief

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indigent circumstances and for the present will be ren

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Lembert suture. At the expiration of four weeks the

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of physicians has continually through all the years of

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qualities which make the successful physician and sur

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pass his house if on the main road or if not he can

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and the yeast was finally put in grape sugar solution

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At the recent meeting of naturalists of the Eastern

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under the microscope handsome quadrahedral crystals

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finger to assist the dilatation of the os. He did not

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Body which was read before the British Association

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ported with various titles are likewise manifestations

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Amat C. Theorie de la vision chez les operes de cataracte.

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period the vessels of the upper extremities regaining

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The men who came here in the early days to practise

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little freely within the cavity to break up the sebace

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ever reported exactly similar cases. The prognosis in

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fixed by a rather large base to the posterior wall of

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but the pains always ceased after the interruption of

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Hospital service and the Secretary of War shall detail

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to assume the horizontal jxjsition in order to relieve

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be found while in the e.xamination of scrapings of more

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twelve cases only two died while in the second set of

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Bridgeport pumps put into operation and their capac

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