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formation in a condensed form. The therapeutic section

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yet it is deeply implanted in the professional mind

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cases which upon the autopsy table showed the lungs

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adapt or to devise some pessary capable of overcoming

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vard and the University of Pennsylvania will fight a

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fuls of mustard and one handful of salt were mixed.

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the same that has kept some of the countries of Europe

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may close it. He cited a case of this kind where the

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in the spring of 1871 he contemplated excising the joint

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gans than the brain as also causes of moral perturb

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the former prizes having been presented to Professor

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ditions which by themselves would not be called un

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puncture of these tumors with the utmost care there

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tempted a scheme similar to the heading of this note

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ingly grasped in the contracted walls of the uterus.

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our profession and that it is a public duty and privilege

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sufficiently numerous to show that the disease was ex

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lutely no reason why they should be especially subject

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breadth. Its external surface was smooth and separ

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rence of hemorrhages gastric and intestinal gastric

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cerned there certainly was an affection of the superior

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illustrative of some people s estimate of the action of

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citement etc. exert a greater influence in the production

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some surgical interference unless the patient is to be

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haps well enough to allow the local physicians to in

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In diseases of children the use of large doses of carbon

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rible details of the condition of the hospital and the

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medicine one can easily satisfy himself by studying

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left. Sense of touch diminished actual muscular power

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ceed. Todd as long as forty years ago had recognized

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passing in a surgeon s probe and then along it as a

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and other instruments of precision the entire field of

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patient used under medical advice bromides atropia

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The gt reparation of such a standard work is one of

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provoked by catheterization or ill advised treatment.

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shown that a single case occurred in his vicinity. It

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competition upon some subject connected with obstetrics

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is insoluble and if mixed in clear water it will be

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the relaxing influence it brings to bear upon the sys

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sicians of Kentucky is managed by an able directory


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and the proportion required for antiseptic purposes is

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composed of those who regard it as a perfectly justifiable

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for the study of chronic catarrhal pneumonia phthisis

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should the writer omit to mention the monographs of

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ly making upon the subjects of the day but the dis

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most interesting problem to solve the more so from the

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and will lessen or retard the inflammatory conditions

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as above on or before the first Wednesday in April 1887.

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the whole matter and will state that either or all of

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and very glutinous liquid or a fibroid tumor of the

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and formative process closely connected with disturb

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ancients vied with each other in search of things hor

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