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change its by laws or code of ethics and to retain its

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out of fifty or sixty in the last few years became con

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and could walk about fairly well. He even took a situ

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impaired nervous system and in a large proportion of

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edge. On the results thereof must be based the esti

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in alcohol measures around the calf twenty five and a

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accomplished more in a few months than otherwise we

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are are no longer able to bear efficiently their burden

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This wholesale cure all reminds me of a little story

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Dr. Garrigues s paper. After adopting the use of the

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affected with the disease 14 died and 2 were crippled.

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ten weeks later. In the second case similar symptoms

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likewise give way especially over the apex of the cen

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that the claims made for the oleates might have greater

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itching over the general surface together with a few

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do arise which are not curable l gt y rest cleanliness and

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real ataxic symptoms but he was unable to make out a

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power to enforce our plan rests with the doctors of

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was noticeable in the experiment that in the animal

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sions and that the only societies which could act in the

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hot weather and teething seeming to be predisposing

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ishes and we heartily commend the book to our readers.

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important point in cases of irritability of that organ.

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tackled again and again until a satisfactory law is ob

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other secondary symptoms induration on penis excised.

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members of well organized societies. Dr. Pritchett s

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of its derivatives butychloralhydrate or the so called

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operation yet the operation failed to arrest the disease

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about eleven inches per hour the average length of the

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representatives in Congress promptly in favor of the

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ing his knee against the pole of a truck. Five months

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tests with picric acid Tanret s or potassio mercuric

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hended in the category of men placed at the disposi

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the memory of this great map in the history of the city

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a soldier in the 76th Regiment Illinois Volunteers

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placed in the supine position or on the opposite side

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on the floor of the Congress but none who have declared

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an operation but little known even among veterinary

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mobile tumor as large as the first was detected just

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will sell his milk to say nothing of butter makers and

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the well known miliary tubercles consisting of lym

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cess is carried out is both efficient and a.sthetic and

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certainly time to seriously consider whether the pres

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