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All communications relating to tke editorial department of the

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in an entirely new field of practice a case occurred

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nounced the case one of syphilis and ordered mercurial

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men pass the period of procreation. This is however

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more recent works on therapeutics and materia medica.

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was well filled by the profession and friends of the

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in the power and the value and the necessity of medi

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practice what he has been taught and he neither sees

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was removed and the wound closed in the expectation

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should have an increasing salary according to length

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will be the third. He will advise removal of the ovaries

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only to the extent of 9 per cent. The first 100 sam

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what he wants whether the farmer make it or not. In

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nature when art can not declare an assured benefit by

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by the President spoke of the English ovariotomists

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physicians may properly lament the existence of the

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In the first days of this unity the minister Mami i

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ceive the attention that will encourage their easy per

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backwards into the past decade it seems to me that

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symptoms of ovarian cyst for two years and a half was

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pathological law that wherever there is excessive nu

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followed by several of the States of this Union and

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examinations. All the written work is carefully scru

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It is not the intention of this article to speak of the

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sponge and weak solution of carbolic acid in water and

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to you the following notes of a case that but lately ter

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An occurrence which often threatens the life of pa

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EpitheHoma Resorcin in 96 Health Exhibition International 474

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the loss sustained by the different tissues of the body.

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of the vasi motor centers or trophic centers and to

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after from five to twelve applications of ten to fifteen

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school in this city which has a man occupying one of

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it becomes a matter of extreme worry and anxiety in

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the former process is more extensive than the latter.

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will take place at the Fourth International Congress for

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smallest incision which can possibly be made is the

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by the oil but that the comatose condition resulted

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ped as to permit the drainage of the urine. Later a

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and containing a part of the old Committee and repre

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