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ters in the pathological condition of the peritonaeum.

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hallucinations without any cortex provided he had an

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application of forceps and occurred in March 1 88 1

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covered from the operation and she afterwards went on

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similar one might exist in the abdominal cavity with

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investigations in the laboratory of histology in the

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the pressure but only temporarily. The rapid fall of

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looked up and when asked in the absence of a written

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large doses does it manifest a toxic action while accord

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these precautions are not essential to a successful per

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certain states of ill health and failure of brain and

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bly the result. From a small cut in the back of the i

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third day a slight purgation with magnesia is followed

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failure leaves a free field for operations that are prac

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pair the appetite. Moderate doses induce nausea and

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the medical students of Canada are in too easy a posi

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of lithates in the urine when the liver is actively

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cannot pass the examinations required from students of

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antiseptics but at the same time he felt a little staggered

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let was found much relaxed although the head had not

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former plan the vessels that course in the shrunken

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fessor Brouardel was deputed by the French Minister

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no other cause and the discharges become offensive

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present day and with chloroform it might be relieved

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sented as something entirely new and his experience

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sumptive evidence of professional abilities and ac

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the child s neck twice and body once I should probably have had

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avoided so far as may be consistent with the prevention

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