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with this group of cases that of Dr. Phelps in which
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titles indicating the possession of a literary degree.
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arately each of the above stated propositions all of
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Thus where a statute says that a sheriff 7nay take bail
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upon the health laws are rarely rendered imperfect by
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the ready way in which injuries about the shoulder
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in various places during the last few years is caused
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bougie and then with the steel sound. I then resorted
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mine is decidedly acid and of a light orange color.
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resection gives better average results than a natural
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tery may be properly classed as predisposing to aneu
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recognition of disease. It is by means of the various
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change of views there can scarcely be considered any constilta
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tourniquet was applied some fresh blood escaped but
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report of this year s investigations will be awaited
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vised several years ago and presented to the profes
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a little singular that he should ask the great body of
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renal disturbance occurs and in which it first disap
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the sheet anchors in this disease and must be pushed
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formed from decomposition after death might be crit
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intellectual torpor and feeling of extreme weakness
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State Board of Education and it is to rejx rt again
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before treatment after the sunstroke and without such
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The scarlet fever in Hartford is adjacent to the cases
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few lectures delivered by the professors of surgery and

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