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members of said Board or before the Board in session the

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than those of our own either in the healthfulness of

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observers of diseases in different parts of the State

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from one place to another has been the result of gross

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from the heat of the cautery. The tumor is then per

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Chicago we are unable to understand upon what ground

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liquid more or less turbid. As it appeared that the sum

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case is again brought forward on this occasion with

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Medical Annual and Practitioners Index. A yearly record of

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excellent article on arsenic as a domestic poison six

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tion was rendered long and tedious by his short thick

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the size of the individual bacilli in different cases

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condition. The nausea persisted for sometime and no

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plished either by drawing down and steadying the womb

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excellence which characterizes them is that they leave

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Case of Dermatitis Herpetiformis with Peculiar Gelatinous

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projected forming a curve of nearly a semicircle. In

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tubercular cystitis dilatation may be practised as a

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division of the obturator artery should it be abnormally

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many cases of supposed vertebral disease are really

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was apt to be held responsible for all sorts of legisla

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effect that no post mortem examination had ever been

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Medical Director P. S. Wales granted one year s leave of ab

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