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quality of milk which they supply to their customers.

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by the Section of Medicine and Surgery of the Royal

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mere guesswork. If he is supported in part by recent

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virulence of bacilli and their exclusive property of

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arms and two weeks later after similar sensations pro

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to justify these precautionary measures. But the nurses

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the members provided for in the section of the consti

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of Dr. Sutton by leaving cicatricial tissue on one side

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mittee on Public Health it was testified by one who

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transmission of a predisposition to tuberculosis as it

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The right lobe of the liver was smooth and glisten

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acic cavity may be safely evacuated. He employed for

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apparently hopeless cases recover after anti syphilitic

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sults from each method that the surest quickest and

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from the fact that cicatricial tissue the result of a

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unanimously expressed that if the present Executive

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child was born alive or not. Persons heretofore tried

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to duty of scrupulous regard to the rights and feel

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dose is much increased the symptoms are all intensi

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the walls of the organ immediately collapsed. There

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fellow beings as they ought in reference to the preser

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esting and it may prove a suggestive fact that aneu

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vis is infiltrated with serous fluid and is sometimes the

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formed on the dorsal aspect of the foot and has con

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etc. but apparently different from that described by

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his address which was a lengthy and able paper. The

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portant place at least in preliminary investigations of

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will give satisfaction. The lens first required is gen

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when she was large enough to attract the attention of

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conception of an operation and conservatism the most

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It is also said to be contained in the American and

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otitis in childhood but without a perforation in the tym

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the neck was blistered several times but at the end of

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ing and was glad to have heard the report of so rare

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given much intelligent attention to climate in the cure

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sure was quite large in one patient extending through

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a. Postal sac developed in uterine portion of right tube.

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the bladder. The irritability of the bladder is then one

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committee or to be given to your delegate a certifi

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with bearing down pains and frequent micturition. On

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presented by his patient during life were due to a simple

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issue certificates of qualification. It will not be long

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Lincoln and rendered invaluable service to the dying

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after several trials introduce the second blade. He

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Fink Schieffelin amp Co. and Eimer amp Amend. It can

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two cases of oophorectomy with the following histories

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eases by their slow but sure inroads upon a constitu

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scrofula is a powerful factor in the production of pau

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years and tlie relation of pathology to exact diagnosis

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while it was yet soft I applied strips of wire gauze.

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the menses are entirely absent. He should like to hear

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British Medical Association inviting the cooperation

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not probably apply to the dispensary for treatment I

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writers but I have found it utterly worthless in these

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Committee of the Congress and all correspondence in

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me that a prevalence of this disorder in a district

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means to overcome the distance between the fragments

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four years and three for five years and these terms shall be

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treatment the tumors have almost entirely disappeared.

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phrosis in the so called wandering kidneys is one too

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be proper or acceptable in one State will not be so

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