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it by evaporation. It can thus be very readily seen
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this the population of which was composed of almost
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the chasm and work for the success of the Congress of
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tarry preparations says that in many cases it is more
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ferred chiefly to the abolishment of the office of corre
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case cerebral meningitis developed which the writer
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President and among others it includes all the col
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before closing the connection on account of the sensi
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of over forty years of age and weighing more than 250
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they were as anxious to preserve their province as the
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ting and quite rigid thus reducing the local irritation
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dents all save one. Christians and the course which
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Above and upon it could be felt the lower border of the
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in either part is broken the fracture will not unite
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Flint of New York President J. S. Billings of Wash
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The question of treatment rests only on the plea of
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Dr. Sands asked whether it is good practice to leave
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When relieved at Fort McDermit Nevada assigned to temporary
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kenbette there was something about the work which we
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inward until the thread began to fasten itself in the
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degree though it bears the name tentainen rigorosum.
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are so close as to make the drawing of lines a task of
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wards of the hospital cases of rare disease or unusual
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most reliable mass of facts ever brought together be
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was genial and affectionate in the domestic circle
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of cases I have arrived at the following conclusions
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authorizes us to assert that a faithful trial of this in
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active walk in the fresh open air for at least thirty
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up to the present time but the contagion was generally
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due to the fact that our efforts have been heretofore
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child to the dispensary for the diseases of the throat
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formation consisting of a triangular bridge of bone
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dition requires that the use of digitalis should be
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stated that a sufficient number of active practitioners
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lation certain nitrogenous compounds were volatilized
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nearly a year ago had been adversely criticised by rea
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the difference between the two figures which is very
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to diagnosticate heart lesions depends upon our famili
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lemons neither too green nor over ripe cut in small
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into the ranks of the specific microbes has been vig
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ness so great that it was very difficult to control her.
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amount of vegetable matter in a decaying state. One
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plored with a fine probe by passing it upwards for an
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but the child seemed very thirsty and at nearly every
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tion with the ileum about an inch from the valve. A
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ments of the comparative nutrient value of different
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our drinking water. Sometimes they are rendered into
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solution of boracic acid 4 100. This recognition of
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now trust that in a spirit of fairness you will give
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double decomposition almost if not entirely as much
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to certain vexatious test enactments of a religious nature
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the other of these solutions for several hours. To dis
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tissues and had a peculiar offensive and sour smell.
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and interruption of travel and traffic were successfully
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recognized. The sound both on the right and the left
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These deductions are considered of sufficient impor
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the oldest tissue and finishes by the injection of a piece
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totally inactive. The best druggists in Boston favor
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had usurped their positions. I had an equal if not a
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enlarged the boundariesof the legitimate domain of the
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remedies seem alike powerless and ineffective. But if
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jection is proceeded with. This carries the injection
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cussion of this subject by leading investigators in this
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least possible cost. We trust it will be a well sus
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