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The diagnosis of this fracture is not so simple as a

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of meeting will be announced by the Secretary of the

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ply cultivating its own ground new territory has been

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equally good results. The relief and general sense of

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the statement was made that only ten or twelve cases

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more and more convinced that there is only one kind

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the operation or immediately thereafter. This opera

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charge from the uterus but the cervix was unchanged.

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kaloids were found to give similar precipitates. TAe

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ing disease may be so slight that it may escape obser

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Investigation of Dise. se. The preliminaries for this

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tarily cut herself off or severed her connection with

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occasionally break down all limitations of infection

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deliberation enters into the mind of both mental states.

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the bacilli found therein behave diflFerently in staining.

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upon the heart in this case he thought it is directly due

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cavity in left apex with tubular breathing and mucous

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Mr. Symington and the author furnish strong proof of

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He was well read and widely informed on all matters

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four and one half inches long weight of tumor twelve

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gestion of small doses of the alkaline fluorides or the

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Let us glance at the facts as they stand. I estimate

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ed in the intellect they repre.sented. The most prom

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recognition of the fact that there had been free fluid in

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at seventeen years of age and had always been irreg

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both the therapeutical value of this method and the

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very extraordinary case it was not unique similar ones

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Davy told us long ago and saw applied in the art called

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ness in alcoholic insomnia in which an agent capable

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phlogistic methods of treatment and the two subdivi

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Prague as a place to study and pursue practical obstet

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that electrolysis is an exceedingly uncertain method of

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tinues from the canal which you constnict or restore

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pulse overa greater or less extensive area ordinarily the

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fistula. If by chance the opening close too soon and

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puration taking place he was disposed to make incision

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threatened. Alimentation by means of an oesophageal

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that witnessed at the close of a college session when

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tion of the chloroform which was done by the friends

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unfolding of the ends of the vessel the walls separating

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trivial source of infection danger to a large number of

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diminishes. Thus the noise of a carriage locomotive

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hand in lt omparison with the salicylate of sodium the

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producing another but you relieve your patient if not

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St. Luke s Hospital for rupture of the ligamentum pa

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fession is to start a college or free clinic and thus

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simple acute inflammatory changes and the air vesi

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This combination is an excellent disinfectant being

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medicine to relieve pain. After treating her awhile

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a supreme effort of nature to rally owing to the youth

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syringe the pus can hardly be emptied satisfactorily.

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due to a trivial indigestion the babbling of school

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Communications are invited from all parts of the world.

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resected subperiosteally two pieces each two cm. in

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ment of the profession to which I wish to direct your

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nition tuberculosis has only one cause. But if true

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all that the bacillus is invariably necessary for the

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the curette or of the applicator armed with cotton the

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this case as illustrating his impetigo herpetiformis

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volve the whole of the anterior urethra. If practised

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afterwards of the right ary epiglottic fold was prac

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concerning these tubercle bacilli whereas an examina

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the most desirable of these products they naturally

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to one s name or to suggest recommend or jirescribe direct or

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spinous processes and parallel with it and extending

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crest of the ileum clear to the pancreas behind the

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