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also accused. But it is excessively difficult to furnish
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other hand in the three cases of measles where there
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State Board of Health has just issued a circular from
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chill. After this he went out to get a dose of oil
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eralization from the evidence in regard to this mat
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railroads are prepared and I hope every railroad will
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Communications are invited from all parts of the world.
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gent as will be seen by inspecting the tables in detail.
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tion for and on conviction to punishment for perjury.
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much especially the suggestion that legislation on the
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the matter of adulterations has not been clearly un
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been so far finished that his literary executors can
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board. He shall also exercise constant vigilance in
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subsequently brought out at a later period by a learned
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markable as the irony of it is delicious. If the original
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tered. The largest number of nurses sent out in any one
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mourn for his loss. His own life is his highest praise
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water with appendices on disinfectants and plumbers
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completing the double operation was i hour and 4 min
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satisfactory solution of a question or problem proposed
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International Medical Congress shall be laid before the
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