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any higher authority than this great master in obstetrics

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on a large scale will be continued to determine the

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La Garde Louis A. Captain and Assistant Surgeon granted

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festation not the cause of the fever it is the cry of

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cases as it is liable to set up inflammatory action

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intendent of the Butler Hospital for the Insane Provi

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will be liberally paid for upon publication. When necessary to

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necessity for post mortems and deplored the tendency

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took place. He thought that in a good many cases of

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ing abscess of or in the region of the vermiform ap

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logical research by such men as Virchow Fleming and

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pendence but habitual indolence and shiftlessness also

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an undoubted case of malignant disease. I continued

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a few in the giant cells. I think Prudden also noted

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primary miliary nodes without the granulation tissue

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stitutions in all parts of the United States assembled

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