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Automotive Chemicals

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Automotive Chemicals

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Arthoscopic electrode

Arthoscopic electrode used in arthroscopy for surgery in knee joints. These are available in diameters of 3mm and fewer, and in monopolar and bipolar variety.

Suppliers :Urotech Devices
Business Type :Trader

Brass Earthing Equipment

Our firm is recognized in the market as dependable producer and supplier of a best quality Brass Earthing Equipment . Offered gear is above all used in power supply and electrical manufacturing to prevent the machine from high voltage.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Chemicals & Solvents

At Kundan, we believe that the natural world is a vast chemical laboratory in which all kinds of work of art and decompositions happen, we consider that success is small more than a chemical mix of man with moment, on the entire, Kundan is harnessing the clout of chemistry to make this earth safer, greener an..

Suppliers :Kundan Group
Business Type :Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer

Sarucoat - 110 Fluxes and Chemicals

Our company is one of the trusted Sodium Fluoride manufacturer and supplier that are used as an electrolyte in production of Aluminum. We provide cover flux in different grades like Cover flux 30.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Tyre & Rubber Chemicals

Our Company produce a diverse and wide line of anti-tack agents, designed to reduce adhesion between rubber surfaces. Our chemicals are in liquid form which is used in Tyre and Rubber Industries We also produced cleaning chemicals which is useful in Tyre and Rubber Industries.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Rubber Chemicals

We are associated as a leading vendor bottom supplying qualitatively better variety of Rubber Chemicals.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Rubber Processing Oil

Our rubber process oils are widely used in various industries, this oil is safe to use and environment friendly this rubber process oil is recommended for use in processing of rubber for the manufacturing of automobile tyres, tubes and many other molded rubber goods.

Business Type :Manufacturer


The plant is appropriate for treating transformer oil by primary heating it and then transitory it through specially designed filter plus then subjecting it to vacuum action which dehydrates.

Suppliers :Sumesh petroleum
Business Type :Manufacturer

Automotive & Engineered Press Components

Our customers can benefit from us a wide array of manufacturing Press Components, which is vastly used in vehicle and various other industry.

Business Type :Exporter, Manufacturer

Hard Facing Electrodes

Hard Facing Electrodes are used where welding require higher hardness, like ; Shaft, Journals, Gear Teeth .

Business Type :Manufacturer