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Other Testing And Measuring Instrument

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Other Testing And Measuring Instrument

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Calibration Of Instruments

We undertake Calibration of all types of Gauges, Micrometers, Vernier Calipers, Dial Indicators, Bore Dial Gauges with Calibration Certificate.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Water Test Kits

We are engaged in Services of Water Testing Kits. These are used for testing various features of water like salinity, turbidity, diffused oxygen ingredients etc. We pack Water Testing Kits in corrugated coloured PVC boxes. These testing equipment are widely used for analysis of boiler, waste, drinking water etc.

Business Type :Service Provider


Model TVT-20ES - 20" Theodolite with Steel Axis & Erect Image Model TVT-10ES - 10" Theodolite with Steel Axis & Erect Image Model DL-9E - 9" Dumpy Level with Erect Image Model TL-9E - Tilting Level Aluminium Telescopic Levelling Staves (LST) Size 4 mtr. Size 5 mtr. Size 6 mtr. ..

Business Type :Distributor, Manufacturer

By Pass Rotameter

Suitable for measuring flow rates in 50 NB & above pipeline. Available in a variety of materials, carrier rings, impulse piping and rotameter as flow indicator. Design Standard conforms to ISO 5167/BS 1042. Available Sizes: 50NB to 450NB, Ranges: * 22 to 800 M

Business Type :Manufacturer


CANOPUS" Ultrasonic Concrete Tester measuring time 10,000 microseconds Model 102 Model 102A MICROSCOPES Stereoscopic Microscopes Medical Microscopes Research Microscopes Petrological Microscopes Metallurgical Microscopes All with Indigenous/Imported Optics & various magnifications.

Business Type :Distributor, Manufacturer

Universal Testing Machine

"FOR TENSILE TEST, COMPRESSION TEST, BEND TEST, BREAKING LOAD TEST & FLATTENING TEST Fine Spavy Asso. & Engs. Max. : 400 KN Pvt. Ltd., Miraj. Model : TUN 400 Sr. No. : 92/443 U.A. Max. : 400 KN L. C. : 0.2 KN

Business Type :Manufacturer

Glass Tube Rotameter

Connection : Flanged, Threaded, Nozzle at Top - Bottom or Rear with or without control valve in all wetted parts S.S. 304, 316, P.P., PVC. Etc. Max. Temp. : Upto 150

Business Type :Manufacturer

Industrial U Tube

Model No.: SF/IUTM/306 U-Tube type Primary Standard Manometer used for precision measurement of pressure, vaccum, differential pressure, and flow measurement in plants and labs where certain accuracy is required. Available : In wall mounted & stand mounted. Range : 100-0-100 to 3000-0-3000 mm WC/HG

Business Type :Manufacturer

Digital Metal Tube Rotameter

Model no: DIGITAL METAL TUBE ROTAMETER (SERIES-SF-DMTR-210) Digital Metal Tube Rotameters are all metal variable area flow meters designed to measure flow rate of liquids and gases under critical conditions. It consist of a tapered metal tube with float and Digital indicating assembly. A magnet encapsulated in float couple..

Business Type :Manufacturer

Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

Model No.: SF/SMMLI/406 Simple magnetic principle used to get unique, absolutely safe and most reliable level indicator for dangerous liquids even under high pressures. Applications: * Corrosive acids - oleum, H2SO4 * HNO3, Acetic. * Solvents - benzene , toluene, alcohols, CS2. * Liq. Gases - LPG, NH3, Chlori..

Business Type :Manufacturer